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It’s browsing a pop-up shop with your girlfriends set to live music…it’s finger-licking vittles and adult libations at a backyard barbeque that’s as big as it is charming…it’s an out-of-this-world brunch fit for families and friends alike complete with mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. It’s how we do fun at Cohen’s Retreat. And you never know what’s next…




Think of Cohen’s Retreat as that neighbor’s house where everybody looooooves to gather. The place that makes you feel right at home. Where you’re bound to bump into someone you haven’t seen in years and maybe even make a new connection that lasts for years to come. At Cohen’s Retreat, we didn’t just set up shop in this community, we are very much a part of this community and nothing makes us happier than giving back, staying involved and inviting y’all over to eat, drink and be whatever your heart desires. So browse our calendar of events and make your plans to stop on by; we can’t wait to see you.

Cohen’s Retreat Camellia Garden

Judge Arthur Solomon, born in Savannah in 1873, was one of the founding fathers of the American Camellia Society and played an instrumental role in its early development. He is known for his many civic contributions during his 46 years of service as a Chatham County Commissioner.

In 1905, Judge Solomon bought 22 acres on Isle of Hope known as Grimball’s Point. He later established his home there and began to cultivate a garden that would in time become world renown.

In June 1937, Judge Solomon traveled to France where he selected 200 varieties of camellias. His goal was to bring camellias back to the United States to bloom.
Only 40 of the 200 varieties survived the trip back aboard the ocean liner, Queen Mary.

Judge Solomon is also credited with planting oak trees and ornamental cuttings which we continue to enjoy today in our parks and historic downtown squares.
As a respectful tribute to Judge Solomon’s legacy to the American Camellia Society, each award winning species has been lovingly selected to be showcased in the unique collection on display in the Cohen’s Retreat Camellia Garden. In the spirit of Judge Solomon, we enjoy sharing with others, the things that make us happy.

Peak Season for our Camellia Garden is October-March

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Harry Truman Linear Trail Planting Project

In the Fall of 2023, Savannah’s Youth joined Cohen’s Retreat Community Foundation with the goal to plant their very own camellia flower along the bike path, while also learning about the rich history of the camellia flower & how they’ll be contributing to it moving forward. Each student that participated in the Savannah Camellia Project was able to leave their own mark on history in a way – with a plant tag on their camellia, where they left their name & year on each plant. Cohen’s Retreat Community Foundation deemed this project a success once we saw new friendships being made between students that may never have met each other otherwise, new skills and interests being developed in nature & gardening, and especially when we heard students saying they’ll return with their friends & families to show them the hard work they did that day to plant their camellia. We intended for this Project to unify our community, but it truly touched our hearts in ways unimaginable.

Our service project was inspired by the rich history of the camellia in the city of Savannah. Judge Arthur Solomon, a Chatham County commissioner from 1914 to 1960, made it his personal mission to plant trees and shrubs throughout Savannah’s highways and roads, propagating azaleas, oleanders,  live oaks and, yes, camellias, peppering them through parks and squares for public enjoyment. Our partnership with Hobbes Hill Farm was very intentional; Gene Phillips, previous owner of Gene’s Nursery in Savannah, grows over 50 varieties of the camellia flower and has generational knowledge of the importance of the flower to Savannah’s history.

You can see these beautiful plants mature & bloom along the Harry Truman Linear Trail between Lake Mayer all the way to E DeRenne Avenue, a 3-mile section of the Trail. The Planting Project was a county-wide community service project for Chatham County School District students & we’d specifically like to thank the 30 schools that volunteered to make this possible!

Annual Savannah Camellia Festival

The Savannah Camellia Festival is a celebration of the historic Planting Project – honoring the efforts of the students & educators, as well as building upon the legacy of the camellia to unify our community.

The Festival is in partnership with the Coastal Georgia Camellia Society, whose members served as a valuable resource throughout the Savannah Camellia Project. During this annual event you can expect activities centered around the camellia flower, like a community bloom show, keynote speaker, and plant sale. Our hope is that regardless of your knowledge of the camellia flower, you can enjoy a wonderful event with good company, and maybe even leave with a passion for camellias!

Members of the Coastal Georgia Camellia Society are available to share their insight through bloom identification and general Q&A during the day’s events, with volunteers also leading arts & crafts activities. Gene’s Camellia World at Hobbes Hill Farm hosts the plant sale right outside the bloom show, where you have the chance to purchase a camellia from the same expert that grew the thousands along the bike path!

Join us for the 2025 Savannah Camellia Festival on February 22nd!

Savannah Blarney Stone

Where he saw a need, Percy Cohen was able to lend a hand. He quietly created a benevolent legacy that would endure.

In a desire to honor the generous spirit of Mr. Percy, Sidney and Colleen Smith purchased the Savannah Blarney Stone from the Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland. Visitors to the Savannah Blarney Stone, which permanently resides at the Cohen’s Retreat Estate, exchange a donation (in an amount of their choice to a local charity featured on the kiosk) for a good luck kiss.

Today’s combined mission of Cohen’s Retreat and the Savannah Blarney Stone is to unite our Savannah community and inspire others to make a difference by giving back to charities and non-profit organizations.

In doing so, we celebrate Percy Cohen’s gracious attitude to make a difference in the lives of others. We promise to do so in Mr. Percy’s same gentle spirit, but with a few shenanigans added in!

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