A Word From Our Founder

The opportunity to resurrect a Savannah landmark, more affectionately known as “The Cohen’s Old Man’s Retreat”, while creating an environment as colorful and quirky as the gentlemen who once resided here, has truly been one of life’s greatest blessings.

The journey thus far has been nothing short of unique. There is no greater gift than the gift of giving back to others, as validated by the gentleman’s portrait hanging above our mantle, in the very spot it hung so many years ago. Without Percival Randolph Cohen’s generosity, the Cohen’s Retreat building would not exist. While his financial gifts provided for the construction of the building in the early 1930s, his gift of compassion continues to touch our hearts today.

Fast forward several decades, names and faces have changed although the fundamental concept remains the same. The modernized version of Cohen’s Retreat was immensely influenced by the dynamic matriarch of Ossabaw Island, Eleanor “Sandy” Torrey West. In the words of Sandy, “when you bring creative souls together in an eclectic atmosphere, something magical is revealed”.


For decades, Sandy’s Ossabaw Island Project provided a haven of inspiration for artists, musicians and writers to inhabit the island while developing their creative purpose and endeavors. The basis of the Ossabaw Island Project, otherwise known as “Genesis” was to give people a place with no demands on them, where they could be with other interesting people.

Inspired by Sandy’s legacy and love for creativity, Cohen’s Retreat has been lovingly restored to provide an environment of inspiration. We agree with Sandy. By bringing creative souls together, something magical has emerged indeed.

Our vision and overall mission is to allow time, space and creativity to guide us on our path of inspiration to others. The reward for our efforts is a unique destination of art, food and community especially designed for the enjoyment of others. We invite you to explore creative thoughts and refresh your spirit at Cohen’s Retreat. We think Percival Cohen and Sandy West would both be very proud. As a matter of fact, take a long look at their portraits the next time you walk by. Every now and then, you will catch a glimpse of their smiles.